Fifth Edition 2024 - A challenge located on 3 different spots during the summer 2024.

Lorraine | Metz

18-19-20 July 2024

Longwy Golf Club

Faulquemont Golf Club

Sarreguemines Golf Club

Champagne | Reims-Troyes

1-2-3 august 2024

Reims Golf Club

Forêt d’Orient Golf Club

Troyes Cordelière Golf Club

Alsace | Strasbourg

15-16-17 August 2023

Soufflenheim Golf Club

Kempferhof Golf Club

Strasbourg Golf Club



Two-person scramble competition on 3 different courses.
For 60 teams maximum for LORRAINE & CHAMPAGNE.
For 120 teams maximum for ALSACE.

Article 1-Conditions
The challenge is open to all members of the French Golf Federation or a foreign Federation who meet the requirements of amateur status. Each player should produce a medical certificate allowing the practice of golf at competition level delivered by his/her Federation by the registration deadline. Golfers under the age of 16 must play in a team with an adult.

Article 2 – 3 different locations in the “Grand Est”
The team books the location of its choice. The registration is valid for one location. The player can enrol a team for all 3 locations but must then fill in 3 separate registration forms.

Article 3 – The scoring system
For each competition location, a team with 2 players plays 54 holes in a scramble: 18 holes per a day.
Thursday : 1st round, Friday : 2nd round, Saturday : 3rd round.
The team plays 3 consecutive rounds at each Location on 3 different golf courses.
The team adds up the results of each round of each location.

Article 4 – Handicap
The maximum handicap per player is 28,0 for Men and Ladies.
The minimum handicap per team is over 8,0.
The value at the day of enrolment.
Yellow tees for men and red tees for ladies.

Article 5 – Players
Numerus clausus: between 80 and a maximum of 120 players for Lorraine and Champagne.
Each round: A maximum of 120 players for one course.

Numerus clausus: between 120 and a maximum of 240 players for Alsace.
Each round: A maximum of 240 players for two courses.
Waiting list : in case of withdrawal after the registration deadline a waiting list by order of registration will be used. The withdrawal should be supported by a valid reason in order to be refundable (in case of Force Majeure).

Article 6 – Registration
All bookings are made on the web site : www.scramblegolftour.org
The booking is for a team with 2 players.
The registration form must include the following information: Surname, first name, email address, mobile phone number, handicap, license number, country of residence. The registration will only be validated upon receipt of the team’s payment by the organiser (bank transfer or French cheque). At this time, the registration will be valid and the two players appear on the official list of participants
Registrations will close on 10 days before the departure of the competition or depending on the available places.

Article 7 – Registration fees
The registration fees are for one location.
For one player who is member of one of the three Golf Clubs : 140 euros
For one player who is member of a Grand Est Golf Club : 170 euros
For one player who is member of a French or foreign Golf Club: 185 euros
For one player who is not a member of a Golf Club : 215 euros
For a business team for 2 players : 430 euros
Participants can pay by bank transfer.

Article 8 – Tee times
The tee times will be communicated on the internet : www.sramblegolftour.org
At the latest 3 days before the beginning of the competition.
The players start from the tee 1 or 10.
The information is also available on each golf club’s web site.
The information will be sent by e-mail to all participants.

Article 9 – Awards and Awards ceremony
Provisional results are published after each round. The aggregate scores are published after 2 rounds.
A publication of the final results is made after the 3rd round.
The players play 3 consecutive rounds of a location. In case of withdrawal during a round, the team is disqualified from the final ranking and the team will not receive any award and cannot request any partial or total refund from the registration fee.
The awards reward different performances.
Merits 3 Rounds : the net stableford score of the first three teams for each series. First serie and second serie : 12 players rewarded.
Challenges : 3 challenges on each course : 9 players rewarded
Merits Course : The Brut stableford score of the first team on each course and the Net stableford score : 12 players rewarded.
The prizes will be awarded by the sponsors.
The net score of the Merits 3 rounds takes priority over the other teams.
The competition committee alone will decide on the distribution of the awards, to ensure fairness among the players. In case of absence, the prize is awarded to the next team. The classification will be made according to the FF Golf management rules on the third round.
The awards ceremony takes place after the 3rd ro-nd from 5 :30 pm to 8 :00 pm.
The awards ceremony is accompanied by drinks.

Article 10 – The competition committee
Its composition will be published on the Recording Board. The Committee reserves the right to modify the present rules, in particular the form of play, to cancel all or part of the competition or to reduce the number of players.

The planning of the 3 different courses.

The first 60 teams are automatically registered for the Scramble Tour.
LORRAINE  : Day 1  Longwy GC | Day 2  Faulquemont GC | Day 3 Sarreguemines GC
CHAMPAGNE  : Day 1 Reims GC | Day 2  Forêt D’Orient GC | Day 3 Troyes Cordelière GC

The first 120 teams are automatically registered for the Scramble Tour.
ALSACE S1S2 : Day 1  Strasbourg GC | Day 2  Soufflenheim GC  | Day 3  Kempferhof GC
ALSACE S3S4 : Day 1  Soufflenheim GC | Day 2 Kempferhof GC  | Day 3   Strasbourg GC

At the latest 3 days before the beginning of the competition : the Date of publication of team tee times for each course. Information will be online on the three golf courses’ web sites and on this web site.

Online Registration is scheduled on spring 2024.

The registration form for a team for 2 players valid for 5 days after dispatch.

How to register…

The competition is reserved for amateur golfers. In order to register for one competition location, you should fill in the form corresponding to the chosen location giving information on both players. The registration is for a team of two players. You confirm your registration by clicking on “Send your Registration ». If you wish to play several locations, you must fill in a separate form for each course.

For each registration, confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail giving bank details to make a transfer or the postal address to send a french cheque. A full payment should be made: entry fees for both players. The payment should be made within 5 days, after this time the registration is lost.